Kevin Smith nos comparte una nueva foto

Kevin Smith nos comparte una nueva foto.


thatkevinsmith:In honor of getting to direct my third episode of @supergirlcw, I asked storyboard artist extraordinaire @jeremysimser to design a new crest for my jersey. Simser came up with this image of the Maiden of Might showing her pure power and strength by carrying my fat ass. The image (which calls to mind the #superman3 poster) is so insanely accurate: whenever I «direct» an ep of #supergirl, the cast & crew carry my fat ass as well. They do phenomenal work every week; I’m the interloper who could fuck things up just by having a «vision». So I let everyone do what they do best and I kick back and watch wonders happen. I’m useless in pre-pro but when cameras roll, I tend to be more helpful. The best thing an episodic guest director like me can do is cheer on his cast & crew with words of encouragement and lots of Timbits from @timhortons. Once more into the breach, dear friends, with some of the best in the business. I may not be the best choice to helm an ep of this spectacular show, but I am dressed for the part. Thanks again to @gberlanti, @andrewkreisberg & @thecw for the gig! (Crest built by the kings of crests @jeffquigley & @jimedelston. Wanna dress like me? Visit the jersey store at the link in my bio!) #KevinSmith #supergirlcw